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Hand-made Boxes:

  • Eco Box: Minimum Order of 100pcs, small size 200pcs min order. 1-2 weeks lead time, peak season 2-3 weeks. 

  • Premium Box: Minimum Order of 50pcs, small 100pcs min order. 2-4 weeks lead time depends on requirement.

  • Box Packaging: Minimum Order of 1,000pcs. 3-4 weeks lead time depends on requirement.

  • Retail: 10pcs minimum order for on stock boxes (limited stocks/until supplies last), kindly check photo album: On Stock Sizes on our Facebook page to see on hand box photos with dimensions. PM us on our Facebook page for inquiries, you may click here.

  • No Minimum Order for retail transaction in store only.

NEED QUOTATION? For custom box please follow the steps below:

Step 1

- Prepare details of your requirements:

  • Length, Width & Height in Inches (LWH")

  • Color of Box (or other specifications)

  • Print (Send us your logo for assessment)

  • Quantity of box required

-Your company name & contact details

Step 2

-Send us a message on our Facebook page or email us with the details of your requirements (Step 1 details)

- Wait for our quotation/ contract (1-2 days)

-Call us for urgent inquiries

Thank you for partnering with us to enrich a community and in unboxing the gift of love.